Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stop, Drop, Open up shop

Hello all, we have a Treat shop now on Etsy with lots of stuff to buy including the prints we did for our show in Berlin and the first issue of Unaired Pilots which is real good.

Talking of the Berlin show, if you're interested, it went well, it was a marathon to get finished and we were awake for a very long time. It kind of felt like the ending bit of space odyssey, it went on and on and there were flashing lights and we started to slip through time and ended up in a blank white space we weren't sure the location of . HAL was our projector as it malfunctioned right at a crucial point and so on, you get it. Anyways, head over to the shop yo, its all made with love and care and we just wish to spread it.


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  1. Am I being silly or is there no link to the shop there? Love to see what you guys are offering!